How Should I Prepare To Covid-19?

How Should I prepare to Covid-19?

At present lots of countries lockdown city to stop the coronaviurses spread. 

Covid-19 spreads more easily than other disease. It appears to be highly transmissible, and since cases are mild, the disease maybe more weidespread than cureent testing numbers suggest. 

China already exprienced those terrible time. So we would like to share our suggestions to our friend. 

This is one Chinese American doctor sharing his suggestion.

There are three stages after infection:

The first stage: about 3-7 days after infection, general weakness, soreness, dry cough, and lack of appetite.

The second stage: About 3-5 days, a high fever indicates that the body's immune system is trying to destroy the virus, trying to remove the invaders and waste that should be excluded, and generating peroxide free radicals.

The third stage: about 10-15 days, dyspnea, heart, liver, lung and other multiple organ failure and death.

Self-help method:

1. Do not wait for the results of quarantine to take action before you take action.

2. Supplement Vitamin C and Vitamin E (they are both very strong free radical scavengers). The usual amount of vitamin C is 500 mg and 100 units of vitamin E; the therapeutic dose is 3000 mg of vitamin C per day and 1000 international units of vitamin E . You cannot eat so much without infection.

3. Chinese herbal medicines: Isatis indigotica, Honeysuckle, Ergan glycyrrhizinate, Xiao Chaihu, Coptis chinensis

4. Fever must be reduced; cough should be stopped.

5. Be sure to save yourself: eat a lot of antioxidants, drink plenty of water; patients with fever and sweat lose electrolytes, need to drink a lot of water

Everything will be fine soon. Hope all of our firend and customer are good.