Common Failure Analysis Of Extruder

First, the reason for the extrusion machine

1. The leaching device stops the chain stop of the feeding workshop;

2. The feeding of the auger feed port of the extruder is not smooth;

3. The direct steam of the extruder is too large;

4. The feeding of the extruder is reduced instantaneously;

5, countercurrent dryer high level alarm puffing machine feed auger chain shutdown;


(1) The extruder must first close the direct steam valve of the extruder at the computer or the site, and exit the cone die.

(2) analyzing the cause of the spray material for processing;

(3) Exclude the cause of the failure and clean up the accumulation of the feed auger discharge port (when cleaning the auger, the main motor of the extruder should be shut off, and the auger should be locked off; pay attention to the burn of the steam.

(4) Unlock the power transmission extruder to start production

Second, the extruder belt slips

1. The extruder drive belt is too loose to cause slippage;

2. The load of the extruder is too large (large feed amount, small steam supply, poor taper die discharge, etc.


(1) If it is the slip caused by the loose belt, it is necessary to stop the puffing machine, and the motor break point is locked to contact the machine to repair the tensioning belt.

(2) If the load is too large, the belt will slip. If the belt slips seriously, it is necessary to first withdraw the cone die, close the small steam valve, reduce the feeding amount of the extruder, and adjust the feeding when the current of the extruder is reduced to the normal current. The amount and the amount of steam are fed into the mold. When entering the mold, pay attention to the change of the motor current of the extruder. After the mold is normal, slowly increase the feed amount and steam volume until the extruder is fully loaded. If the belt is slightly slipped, adjust the amount of steam or the amount of feed. Generally adjust the amount of steam.