Cereal Bar Cutting Line To Columbia


We just finished a cereal bar cutting line for Columbia client, which includes sugar melting cooking pan, hoister, cereal bar pressing machine, cooling tunnel, cutting machine, auto sorting machine and packing machine, full automaitc.

cereal bar cutting line

Machine details

  1. Sugar melting cooking pan, used to melt sugar into syrup and mix with ingredients.

  2. Hoister, to convey the mixed material into cereal bar machine hopper.

  3. DRC-75 cereal bar pressing machine, to press the materials flat through rollers.

  4. Cooling tunnel, to cool the materials for easier cutting. The cooling length can be customized. Water cooling and air cooling for choice.

  5. Cutting machine, includes longitudinal and transverse cutting, to cut the bar with required size.

  6. Auto sorting machine and packing machine, saving labor cost.

Sample Picture

DRC-75 (2)_

If needed, chocolate coating machine can also be supplied to work with the line to be full automatic line.

chocolate coating machine_副本