Automatic Kneading Machine Should Not Be Operated Blindly

1. The equipment is delivered in a unified logistics, and the logistics is directly sent to the customer. Before the harvest, the customer should carefully check whether the equipment is damaged during the transportation process. If this situation occurs, contact the manufacturer in time, and the damage may be borne by the logistics company. The bumper company discovered after signing will not be processed, and the loss will be borne by itself.

2, the equipment is placed on the level of the ground, the ground is not flat, the machine is easy to shake and cause danger, the equipment is connected to find a professional electrician.

3. Check whether there are any foreign objects in the running part before use, whether the parts of the machine are loose, and carefully check the preparation before use.

4. When using, put the good dough into the lower conveyor belt, sprinkle some dry flour properly, adjust the gap between the rolls, and start the equipment to start working.

5. Wipe the roller and conveyor belt clean after work. If it is not necessary to apply the oil on the roll for a long time, it should be rust-proof.

Second, the matters needing attention

1. The equipment is designed with safety protection devices. Do not disassemble the protection device during use.

2. Do not put your hand into the vicinity of the roll during the operation of the machine.

3, equipment repairs should be repaired by professional manufacturers, do not dismantle themselves.

4. If abnormal noise or sway is found during the operation of the equipment, it is necessary to check the power in time.