What is the impact of pet feed production equipment on the product

The pet feed production equipment improves the gelatinization degree of starch, produces modified starch, and has strong water absorption and bonding functions. Due to its high water absorption, we can add more liquid ingredients (such as oil, molasses, etc.) to the product. At the same time, because it has a much stronger bonding function than ordinary starch, the amount of starch added during the expansion process. Can be greatly reduced. This provides more room for the selection of other raw materials, and the choice of a wider variety of inexpensive materials to replace those expensive materials can significantly reduce costs without compromising product quality.


Since the protein is combined with the starch matrix, it is not easily lost when fed, and the protein is released only when the digestive enzymes in the animal decompose the starch, thereby increasing the protein titer. The mechanical expansion process of pet feed also denatures proteins, inactivates many anti-nutritional factors, changes the tertiary structure of proteins, and shortens the hydrolysis time of proteins in the intestine. For ruminants, puffing produces rumen non-degradable protein, that is, ruminal protein, which can avoid ammonia poisoning and improve protein utilization.