Two lubrication methods for instant noodle production line

The so-called manual timing lubrication refers to the regular inspection and lubrication of the instant noodle machine. The device used for this lubrication is simple in structure, but the oil supply is unreliable, and is generally used for light load, low speed and unimportant parts. The commonly used lubrication device "oil cup" is mainly used for oil lubrication and grease lubrication.

Continuous lubrication, as the name suggests, generally uses wicking, needle-type oil-filled oil cups, oil baths, splashing oil, etc. This lubrication method is more complicated than manual lubrication, but the oil supply is very reliable.

The wicking is mainly used for occasions where the load and speed are not large; the needle-type oil-filled oil cups are mainly used for occasions requiring a constant supply of oil and continuous oil supply; oil bath and splash lubrication are mainly used in closed transmissions. When the gear rotates, the lubricant is splashed onto other parts.