Solution to the quality instability of pet feed production equipment

1.Establish the principle of pet food quality control. The quality control of raw materials is the basis and root of the quality assurance of pet food products. The analysis of finished products is to verify the control and control of raw materials, and to check the pet food caused by the production process. problem. Raw material testing items are based on the identified quality risks and do not require testing for all raw materials.

This shows that in the quality control scheme of raw materials, the indicators for quality control testing are not exactly the same for each raw material. Sensory and physical testing is one of the most frequently used methods in the real world of production, providing very important information for some high-risk raw materials. Strictly establish the record of the use effect of each raw material. If necessary, it can be used as a control experiment or the first screening test in the experimental field to provide a sufficient objective basis for selecting and determining high-quality raw materials and their sources.

2. Establish a quality control plan for pet feed enterprises. A good quality control plan should be able to monitor the quality of pet feed before feeding. The control of pet feed ingredients is the key to predicting the quality of pet food products, so accurate sampling and raw materials. Inspection before inspection is required, and the sampling and inspection procedures should be documented during the quality control process. The method of uniformly collecting raw material samples can be tested by physical, chemical and microbiological methods.

The raw materials can be purchased according to the physical characteristics of the raw materials and some simple on-site instruments and chemical reagents. Laboratory testing to further quantify nutrients and harmful components in raw materials. All raw materials should be tested for the following ingredients, specifically moisture, moisture content not only affects the nutritional value of pet feed ingredients, but also affects the stability of raw material storage, water content in raw materials, shrinkage rate, yield rate during storage, The occurrence of biological changes has a great impact, should choose the appropriate storage method according to the moisture content value, seasonal changes, such as: frozen, placed in a cool place or dehydrated and dried after refrigeration; followed by the color of raw materials and fat, pet feed Not only requires a comprehensive nutrition and balanced ratio, but also has a high requirement for the appearance of the finished product.

A good and stable appearance can win the recognition of the consumer group. Therefore, it is observed whether the color of the raw materials is consistent, and it can also judge the freshness and whether it is blended. Miscellaneous, adulterated, etc.; pet dogs have a very sensitive olfactory function, small changes in odor will cause pets to eat, so each batch of raw materials must be carefully smelled the uniformity of smell; the last is to ensure the raw materials Texture and homogeneity, check for contamination or toxic substances in raw materials Eclipse, with or without the victim plant or mildew phenomena.