Puffing machine routine maintenance procedures

1. The equipment should be cleaned inside and outside after the end of production. In particular, there should be no residual materials in the expansion chamber, so as to avoid the agglomeration difficult to clean after cooling, and the high temperature raw materials should be deteriorated in summer.

2. The large pulley of the extruder main shaft should be cleaned frequently, and there must be no dust collection. Otherwise, the expansion of the pulley will cause the expansion chamber to vibrate.

3. The main bearing of the extruder is lubricated with lubricating oil, and the bearing parts of the feed conditioner and other transmissions are lubricated with grease. Lubricating oil name and code: ISO-VG68 bearing oil, grease name and code: calcium-based grease ZG3 (GB491-65) main bearing must be replaced with new oil regularly, every 250 hours of operation, all replacement of new oil. For other bearing parts, grease is applied once every 48 hours.

4. The chain transmission mechanism on the steam conditioner should be lubricated frequently, especially the bearings on the steam inlet should be refueled.

5. The oil in the reducer should be controlled on the calibrated oil surface and replaced with new oil after 250 hours of operation.

6. When removing the screw head, do not re-tap or re-twist. Always keep the extruder and accessories clean and hygienic.