Proper maintenance method

(1) The casing bearing should be filled with lubricating grease in time. After running for 500 hours, the lubricating grease should be replaced once. (The grease should be added in an appropriate amount before the new machine is operated. After 200 hours of operation, the oil should be changed.)

(2) Grease should be added regularly to other bearing parts.

(3) The wearing parts such as screw and screw sleeve are strictly forbidden to use heavy hammer during the disassembly and assembly process. It is strictly forbidden to place heavy objects or stand on the expansion chamber. Imported pump

(4) The puffed raw materials should be cleaned to prevent foreign objects such as metal from entering the machine and damaging the parts.

(5) Check the quality of the extruder at any time, pay attention to replace the wearing parts.

(6) Keep the equipment clean.

(7) When the long-term shutdown is not needed or the bulk material is replaced, the material in the expansion chamber should be cleaned to avoid agglomeration, mildew or cross-contamination between materials.

(8) Since the wearing parts near the discharge port are relatively fast, the wearing parts near one end of the feeding port are less worn, so when replacing the wearing parts, they should be replaced from the discharging end in turn, and it is not appropriate to replace them at one time. component.