Pet feed production equipment

First, The granulating machine is suitable for fish farming, shrimp, frogs, pigs, ducks, etc. The puffed feed produced by the puffing machine has puffed soft and ripe, high protein, complete nutrient composition, floating water surface for a long time, and no waste of feed. Add trace elements to promote the rapid growth of fish.

Second, the wheat husk, corn flour, bean cypress, fish meal, etc., plus composite premix, according to the formula, add 10-17 kilograms of water per 100 kilograms, put into a blender and mix evenly, about 3-5 minutes, start mixing The machine agitates the dragon, draws the material into the storage tank, and draws the dragon from the storage tank into the mouth of the extruder. Pay attention to controlling the storage tank to close. From small to large.

Third, the dicing part: the size of the dicing is determined by the discharge hole, to expand the general 4.5 cm, the hole to open 4-5. If you want high output, you can open 10-15 holes without expansion. The small motor can be adjusted before and after. The knife should be forward. When cutting, it is best to start with 3-5 kg of feed and more water.

Four, After each material is finished, disassemble the cutting part of the front section, use the tool hook to immediately disassemble the nut on the extruder head, and then start the motor to flow out the excess feed in the machine and clean the nut orifice.