Future instant noodle production line will upgrade the entire line of industrial automation

To date, instant noodles have spanned three stages of development. The advent of instant noodles is the fourth stage. Looking back at the first three stages of the development of instant noodles, its changes have always remained in form. The raw materials are still wheat, and the process is calendering, cutting and frying. The new instant noodles are made from corn and miscellaneous grains. The instant noodles made by the latest non-expanding process are smooth, refreshing, strong, and fragrant. Because it adopts an advanced process of extruding into strips and ripening, the nutrients of the original grain are not destroyed.

At present, there are more than 2,000 instant noodle production lines in the country, but only about three or four hundred pieces of real-scale production can maintain normal work. The development of instant noodles in China is also a few years of collapse in most SMEs. Master Kong, Uni-President, and Hualong are the only ones. New capital and new brands are pouring in. The situation of China's instant noodle industry is still going on. People in relevant domestic industries have come to the view that China's instant noodle market is facing fierce competition, and it is even possible that the entire market will be reshuffled. Although the current competition will cause changes in the instant noodle market, we don't know, but what is certain is that in this market, whether it is a strong or weak company, you can feel the sadness or vows of rabbits.

China's instant noodle production line must take the road of specialized production. By simply repeating, the method of expanding the production quantity will not work. It is necessary to develop medium and high-grade equipment, strive to improve the technical content, and make products refined, specialized and strong.