Fried instant noodles production line equipment

First, the flour raw material is added with water and the additive is poured into the dough mixer for a long time to stir and mix. Then, when the good dough is proofed and put into the hopper of the molding machine, it is produced. The dough material is cut into strips of corrugated noodles after repeated extrusion. After steaming in a steamer, the box is fried, and the frying machine can be packaged after de-oiling and cooling.

Fried instant noodles production line equipment; speed timing and dough machine, molding machine, steamer, folding cartoning machine, fryer, cooling conveyor.

The adjustable fryer is used to produce non-fried instant noodles for the drying box equipment.

According to the heating energy, the equipment can be divided into three types: electric power type, steam type and combustion type (oil and natural gas).