Commissioning and maintenance of corn puffing machine

1. Before use, first remove the nozzle of the corn puffing machine, apply some cooking oil on the internal thread of the nozzle and the screw head, then tighten the nozzle, tighten the front flange and mix the rear flange.

2. After starting the machine, first idle for half a minute. If there is no abnormal sound, you can put a piece of wet corn into the machine. When the popped popcorn can be crushed by hand, it can be replaced with dry corn, and gradually Increase the amount of input.

3. If the corn puffing machine is in the process of returning, it means that the material is too urgent, and the temperature of the nozzle is less than 120 degrees. At this time, the material should be stopped, and then empty when the nozzle is re-sprayed. If the flower of the nozzle has a hard core, indicating that the temperature inside the machine is low, the material should be stopped and idling for a while, and then the flower is discharged after the flower is normal.

In addition, how should we maintain the equipment after using the extruder? Firstly, because the wearing parts near the outlet are relatively fast, the wearing parts near the inlet end are less worn, so when replacing the wearing parts, The discharge end starts to be replaced in sequence. It is not advisable to replace a variety of parts at a time. Secondly, the expanded material should be cleaned to prevent metal and other foreign objects from entering the machine and damage the machine. Check the quality of the extruder at any time, and pay attention to replacing the wearing parts.